Research and Development

The department research and development of the PharmGenomics GmbH focuses on products in the field of genetic diagnostics. We pay special attention to pharmacogenetic markers from different areas, among others oncology, with the aim for personalized therapies.

Since various mutations in the human genome can impact the efficacy of drugs, we work on the development of quick, robust and precise tests for the detection of these gene modifications (genotyping). Thereby it is possible to screen the genes responsible for drug metabolism even before starting the therapy. By this an accurate  therapeutic decision, adapted to the needs of the individual patient, can be made to avoid side effects and to ensure a treatment as efficient as possible. Furthermore, we deal with several mutations linked to various food intolerances.

For our special demands we developed and patented the PGx GenoChip technology relying on DNA-Macroarray-technology that allows for a fast, safe and cost-effective detection of many gene variants in one assay.

On the basis of this detection platform it is possible to establish tests for many mutations asked for by clinicians.

Depending on the individual question of our costumers we develop, basing on our PGx GenoChip technology, a multiplex-assay adapted to the particular problem to allow a cost-effective and fast diagnostic. Production and validation are carried out according to high quality standards (DIN EN ISO 13485). We provide all suitable documents for a standard-compliant CE-labeling.


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