About the Company

The PharmGenomics GmbH was founded in 2008 with the idea to develop flexible and high quality solutions for the field of Personalized Medicine. By now our staff is made up of employees from the fields of biomedicine, biotechnology and (bio-)informatics. From 2008 to October 2013 PharmGenomics GmbH was located at Parcusstrasse near by the main central station of Mainz until the company moved to its new facility in Mainz Hechtsheim.

In our department of research and development we develop novel in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) test for clinical diagnostics in the area of pharmacogenetics and individualized medicine. Our products are based on a novel Macroarray-Technology, which allows for the first time the economic design of comprehensive pharmacogenetic examinations for clinical application. Thereby a large amount of various markers (i.e. mutations in disease-relevant genes) can be screened simultaneously. This multiplexing technique is highly suitable to prepare a comprehensive picture of several markers in short time and with proportionally low effort. Furthermore, the technology can be applied to a wide range of other bio-markers in the field of mRNA and proteins.

In addition to our research we have a diagnostic routine laboratory, in which the tests we developed are offered as services. This laboratory is accredited according to the norm DIN EN ISO 15189. Follow this link to find our current certificates available for download. Our goal is to promote both the positive progress of pharmacogenetics and individualized medicine through our research and developmental work, so that a fast and cost-effective pharmacogenetic diagnostic is possible directly at the point-of-need in the future.