GenoChip Analysis Software

The GenoChip analysis software is the platform for all evaluation systems of the GenoChip technology. It is based on the Microsoft.NET framework 4.0 and combines the automatic evaluation of the GenoChips with the complete generation of a diagnostic analysis report.

Clear presentation of results

The main window offers and overview of the current chip and after completion of the analysis a first short summary. An analysis protocol as well as an overview of all saved experiments is also part of the main window.

Via a separate menu the information for the final diagnostic report can be entered. After completion of the analysis the final report can be accessed by the GenoChip analysis software. The diagnostic report contains all information of the complete experiment: from the entered patient or sample information, results to the detailed therapy recommendations.

No interpretation of data values necessary

The GenoChip analysis software guides the user through the complete evaluation process step by step; from image generation to generating the report. The interpretation of melting curves or other data values is not necessary.

Individually adjustable

By use of a universal dialog system the GenoChip Software can be adjusted for any arbitrary language. Furthermore the diagnostic report can be designed freely according to customer preferences.